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The Smell of Christmas - Diffuser Oil

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The Smell of Christmas® Diffuser Oil is the perfect addition to your favorite decorative reed diffuser. Filled with seasonal notes of clove, orange, cinnamon, spice, and wood - keep your diffuser fresh by having plenty of this oil on hand!


Directions: Pour the Aromatique diffuser oil into a decorative bottle. Insert reeds. Reeds will absorb the fragrance oil and deliver long-lasting fragrance. To maximize the fragrance, invert reeds as needed.

Fragrance: Clove, Orange, Cinnamon, Spice, Wood

Details: Use time: Depends on frequency of use; shelf-life one year; 4 fl oz; 2.7"SQ x 10.7"H

Customer Reviews

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Christmas all year round

I love this scent. When I have it in my house I always get compliments. People always ask what it is. It is pleasant and comforting. I like it so much I am using it in my car too! This is a favorite.

Tammie B.
Love this Scent!

This is a wonderful scent to have around the holidays. One of my children have picked this as their favorite so we keep a diffuser in their bedroom all year long!

Melissa Haley
Smell of Christmas diffuser product

I have been using the Smell of Christmas fragrance line from Aromatique for 46 years and it has become a fragrance very much associated with my home over the years. It’s my all time favorite from any product line. My 3 grown kids and all of their friends all say whenever they smell this fragrance, they think of our home and it brings back wonderful memories of all of the laughter and love shared over the years. It will always be my signature home favorite.

Cheryl B
Diffuser oil….Smell of Christmas

Have always loved the Smell of Christmas from the first time I smelled it. Found it at a little boutique near Pittsburgh, PA and that was about 30 years ago. Don’t ever stop making it, maybe offer it all year round. Also would love a scent of sea salt and neroli. Thank you

Anita Gibson
Smell of Christmas

Smell more of the Valencia orange but I still like it