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In The Garden - Refresher Oil

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In The Garden Refresher Oil is designed to refresh your Decorative Fragrance year-round. The highly concentrated oil quickly absorbs into the wood chips and fills any space with fresh citrus, herbaceous greens, yuzu, ginger & musk.


Directions: Apply oil to Decorative Fragrance. Allow oil to absorb into wood chips for fragrance to rejuvenate.

Fragrance Notes: Fresh citrus, herbaceous greens, yuzu, ginger & musk

Details: We recommend using between 20 drops to half of the container depending on fragrance level preference; .5 fl oz.

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous scent

Aromatique oils are great quality and smell like it. In the Garden has nuances of the garden. A very clean and lovely smell.

Michelle Beaty

A beautiful scent and refresher for potpourri as if it is a new bag. It also fills the bedrooms and all way down the hallway. It welcomes to the rooms with other scents I have for them - without taking their scent away! I give it a 10!!

Sheila M Gorsky
Not my favorite flower

I much prefer "The Smell of Spring">

campbell Sue
Discovering your product.

I started buying tour product over 50 years ago before it became known. Gound it in a small consignment store in Las Vegas. It was the Smell of Spring and was so wonderful I bought some and took it to my boss who owned the Crystal Court very high end gift shop in the Las Vegas Hilton. She started ordering it for the store. Not long after that it started showing up in major department stores. Loved all the beautiful containers you used to have. You are the very best.

Joyce Fisher

In The Garden - Refresher Oil