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The Smell of Tree - Standard Decorative Fragrance

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Fragrance Notes: Pine, Cedarleaf, Fir Balsam, Bayleaf, Clove, Moss

Directions: Open bag from the bottom to allow contents to release into the container of your choice. Arrange botanicals to be displayed on the surface as needed. *Note: Our decorative fragrance performs better than other potpourris on the market because we utilize highly fragranced wood chips and other carriers that allow our fragrances to stay fresher longer. These types of porous materials also allow the fragrance to be released into the air for maximum strength, leading you to the best experience possible.

Details: Use Time: Up to 4 weeks; 8 oz; 5.5"W x 4"D x 7"H

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
JeniJen in Arkansas
Smell of Tree

One of my mother’s favorite seasonal scents.

Sandra F
Not as fragrant this year!

The aroma seems very mild and not as vibrant as it has been for the last 10 years we’ve been using it! Still one of the better “smells like a real tree” potpourri’s available though!

Jeanine Heck
Wonderful Christmas Scent

I loved this scent for many years, then I couldn't find it in any store. So glad to be able to purchase it again. Love this very authentic pine scent!

Judy Poole
Still the same

Smells just like it always smelled.

Kay McElmurry

Excellent.Smells just like a fresh pine