Vanilla Rosewater - Votive Glass Candle

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The Vanilla Rosewater Votive Glass Candle softens your space with a bright, luminous blend of wild rose and pink peonies combined with warm vanilla and white musk. Our candles are all hand-poured in Arkansas. Made with a proprietary wax blend, ethically sourced containers, and cotton wicks. Light one of these aromatic candles and transport yourself to a memory or emotion.


Directions: Always burn on a heat resistant surface and trim wick to 1/4" before each use. Allow wax to pool to the edge each burn for maximum use and to avoid tunneling.

Fragrance Notes: Wild rosewater, bergamot, ylang-ylang, pink peony, vanilla, patchouli

Details: Up to 20 hours of burn time; rose wax; 2.7 oz; clear glass cylinder with logo; 2.125” D x 3” H; not tested on animals

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jacque Vulcano

not strong rose or vanilla, but lightly sweet floral and refreshing


WHERE do I begin in LAUDING, CELEBRATING, COMPLIMENTING, and simply PRAISING Aromatique products? Well, I will start with the 100th fragrance.....VANILLA ROSEWATER! Thiisss particular scent is SOOO wonderful! The notes are perfectly blended to yield an OLFACTORY delight! I have purchased the potpourri,the 4 oz. and 5oz. mist and room sprays, the 6.5 oz. and 21 oz. Metallic candles with brass lid, the 12 oz.cubes, the 6 oz. etched glass candles, the diffusers, the refill oils, annnd the refrsher oils! I CAN'T get enough of this particular fragrance and other products! The OTHER products include, everything Hydrangea, Agave Pineapple, Grapefruit Fandango, Cotton Ginseng, Pomelo Pomegranate, Smell of Gardenia, Smell of Tree, Smell of Christmas, Gingerbread Brulee, and Cinnamon Cider! I'm NOT just LISTING these products, I currently HAVE these products AT hand IN my home!! First of all, I'm an Arkansan, therefore, I support EVERY Arkansas-HOMEGROWN company. The back story to my passion of ALL things Aromatique began with my MOST beloved Niece, Lydia L. Jones who gifted a GINGERBREAD BRULEE cube for my birthday last year and I've been HOOKED ever since then on EVERYTHING Aromatique! I am HIGHLY anticipating the RETURN of Amaretto Nog which I haven't had the pleasure of acquiring nor smelling.....I can hardly wait! I've already set aside and created a budget for the FALL line of fragrances! LOL! I will conclude by saying, Aromatique is the BEST of ALL the different manufacturer's of scents I have tried! I'm not being an Arkansan nepotist, rather, unabashedly, I AM stating undeniable and irrefutable TRUTH and FACT! Consequently, I, ECSTATICALLY, give AROMATIQUE muuuch #AROMALOVE!