The Smell of Christmas - Aroma Wax Melts

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The Smell of Christmas® is our signature fragrance with captivating citrus and spice with a warm blend of natural botanicals. The Smell Of Christmas® Aroma Wax Melts contain a set of 8 cubes made from 100% food-grade paraffin wax and a highly fragrant aroma - no wicks or flames needed.


Directions: To use, simply break off a portion of the wax melt and place in your favorite warming device for a room-filling aroma.

Fragrance Notes: Clove, Orange, Cinnamon, Spice, Wood

Details: White wax; 2.7 oz net weight; 8 cubes per tray

Customer Reviews

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Charlet Metz
The Smell of Christmas

My little girl LOVE The Smell of Christmas the scent reminds you it's Christmas Time!

Love this fragrance

I love the wax melts, they have to be changed every other day, but regardless I love this fragrance so much I’m ok with that.

Priscilla Hoover
Love this fragrance

Love this fragrance - The aroma teak smell of Christmas wax melts are amazing. Anybody that walks into my house compliments on how good it smells. I could drink this stuff! You can’t go wrong here. I’ll use it all year long.

Great candle, spray & wax melts

I usually buy from a local store, but I do like ordering online

Ann N
The Smell of Christmas doesn't smell like Christmas anymore

These wax melts have changed. I ordered some, like I do every year. When I put the new wax melts in the warmer, there is not much of anything smell. When I smell them side by side with last year's wax melts, there is a BIG difference. Even my husband could tell a difference and said last year's wax melts smell more "cinnamony." If he can tell a difference, something has changed. Now I have 3 packs of The Smell of Christmas wax melts that doesn't smell like Christmas.