Sorbet - Aroma Card

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Sorbet Aroma Card is a simple, yet effective way to fragrance smaller spaces. The perfect product to easily refresh a car, closet, or anywhere in between. The Sorbet Aroma Card is fragranced with elements of lemon and lime entwined with peach, melon, and roses.


Directions: Remove card from plastic packaging. Hang card and allow fragrance to release into the space. Avoid surfaces to prevent damage.

Fragrance Notes:  Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger, Musk, Floral

Details: 2-3 weeks of use time; 2.8"W x 4"H

Customer Reviews

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Pamela Young
The refreshing smell of Summer Sorbet!

Summer Sorbet, or "Sorbet" is my favorite scent and decorative potpourri now.

It is behind the "Smell of Freesia" and the "Smell of the Rose" which sadly, have been discontinued. But I still hope they will return. I still have an empty small bottle of each and they still retain the scent. I keep them tightly capped and in a small bag.

The scent cards are very nice. But the scent is starting to dissipate.
The decorative fragrance is always a highlight. I can just refresh with the oil. I have a few older batch bottles of scent that smell more like the original line. The lemon and ginger notes are not as dominant as they have been in the past however I still love the scent of "Summer Sorbet"