The Smell of Tree - Refresher Oil

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The Smell of Tree® Refresher Oil is designed to refresh your Decorative Fragrance year-round. The highly concentrated oil quickly absorbs into the wood chips and fills any space with the fragrance of freshly cut wild evergreen.


Directions: Apply oil to Decorative Fragrance. Allow oil to absorb into wood chips for fragrance to rejuvenate.

Fragrance Notes: Pine, Cedarleaf, Fir Balsam, Bayleaf, Clove, Moss

Details: We recommend using between 20 drops to half of the container depending on fragrance level preference; .5 fl oz

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Year round use

I have been using The Smell of the Tree fragrance all year round and have been for years. I use all products pertaining to this fragrance. Love it.

Frederick Baynard
Not just for Christmas

While The Smell Of Tree seems to be a Christmas fragrance, it is actually a fragrance that suits any season. We used to use this fragrance every Christmas because it is the most realistic tree smell ever created! Nothing about it is artificial smelling, like some other evergreen scents tend to be. Soon, we realized that it was perfect for the whole winter season as well. So, after Christmas we left the potpourri out. We simply added a few drops of the refresher oil to the potpourri, mixed it around, and enjoyed the woodsy fragrance all winter. Well, now Spring has come and gone, and we still have it out! We have decided that we love this fragrance so much that we want to live with it all year. If you love the outdoors and the fresh, earthy smell of walking through a woods, I highly recommend this fragrance. #aromalove

rhanda smith
Wonderful Fragrance

My favorite fragrance and my favority supplier

The Smell of Tree

Absolutely wonderful. Smells like a real Christmas Tree.

Midlothian Mama
Artificial tree smells like a real tree

Our artificial tree is pre-lit so I place a drop of oil on many bulbs. When the lights are on, as the bulbs heat they diffuse the oil which makes the house smell as if we have a live tree. I love this scent so much I also place a drop of oil on the light bulbs in the dining room and bathrooms ;-)

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