The Smell of Tree - Aerosol Room Spray

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Refresh your space with a burst of invigorating fragrance with The Smell of Tree® Aerosol Room Spray. A light spray of this fine mist will enliven your room with fresh notes of pine, cedarleaf, fir balsam, bayleaf clove, and moss. Directions: Shake gently. Spray into the air.


Directions: Shake gently. Spray into the air.

Fragrance Notes: Pine, Cedarleaf, Fir Balsam, Bayleaf, Clove, Moss

Details: Use time depends on the frequency of use; shelf-life one year; 5 oz; 1.8"D x 7"H

Customer Reviews

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Enjoy the sweet scent of a Christmas Tree any time of the year. The fresh smell of a pine forest invades the room.

harry herrlinger
smell of the tree

I've been buying it exclusively for years....when I try other fragrances they never compare.
Its just the BEST fragrance all year long......not just at Christmas!!!!!
Car scents would be awesome.

Gayle Jessen
Glory of tree

“The Glory of Tree Aromatique” I’ve had one little 4 oz bottle for over 5 yrs. Loved it and used sparingly. The smell of tree really a little too “sweet?”. Don’t know how to explain it but it also is from HEBER APRINGS AR…

My Customer is Very Happy!

I am a caregiver for a young 90 yo lady and she loves The Smell of Tree aerosol! She has been looking in stores to just find any one product of the fragrance to no avail but I showed her how easy it was to order straight from the source. I was super excited when the order came so promptly. Usually smaller companies take a lot longer so thank you!

Marlene Bray
The smell of trees

Wasn’t what I was looking for..I wanted more of a Christmas pine cent without all the other orders mixed in with it…( the smell of a fresh Christmas tree) smelled a lot like car freshener.. I’m sure others would like it.