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Pumpkin Spice - Large Decorative Fragrance

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Pumpkin Spice Decorative Fragrance is the ideal fragrance in any space. The Large Bag is the ideal size for a large bowl or dividing between multiple vessels. Using pumpkin pods, Indian corn, and butterfly bark, this decorative fragrance adds a warm, comforting touch to any space. Pumpkin Spice instantly refreshes a room with the aroma of spiced candied pumpkin accented with ribbons of vanilla, maple, and cherry.


Directions: Open bag from the bottom to allow contents to release into the container of your choice. Arrange botanicals to be displayed on the surface as needed. *Note: Our decorative fragrance performs better than other potpourris on the market because we utilize highly fragranced wood chips and other carriers that allow our fragrances to stay fresher longer. These types of porous materials also allow the fragrance to be released into the air for maximum strength, leading you to the best experience possible.

Fragrance Notes: Maple, Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Cherry, Balsam

Details: Use time up to 4 weeks; 14 oz; 6"W x 4"D x 8"H

Customer Reviews

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Evelyn Presley
Is it edible?

I have used Scent of Spring for years.
My oldest granddaughter is living with us during college, and we have a lot in common. For Thanksgiving this year we are hosting in our new home that we downsized into. I purchased Pumpkin Spice with her in mind. I opened the potpourri and reed diffuser in Pumpkin Spice and asked her to smell them. Her answer? "Yum, it smells so good, I want to eat it!!" Obviously we know it can not be consumed, but it does make one think about baking pumpkin anything!!

Love My Pumpkiin Spice!

I always look forward to my Pumpkin Spice in the Fall.

Lynn Pinto

I love this time of year (Fall, Christmas) as these are my favorite Aromatique Fragrance's

Randolph Fletcher
Everything Fall

This fragrance and its accents highlight all that comes to mind n fall and pumpkin spice. Every festive season wouldn’t be the same without Aromatique and their nostalgic scents.


Love it.