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The Smell of Espresso - Aroma Wax Melts

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The Smell of Espressp® Aroma Wax Melts will Invigorate your senses with a bold shot of espresso, sweetened with vanilla and roast walnuts. Aromatique Wax Melts are a set of 8 cubes that contain paraffin wax and a highly fragrant aroma - no wicks or flames needed. Enjoy the deep notes of freshly brewed espresso mixed with the sweeter elements of chocolate, buttery walnut, vanilla, and caramel.


Directions: To use, simply break off a portion of the wax melt and place in your favorite warming device for a room-filling aroma.

Fragrance Notes: fresh-brewed espresso, chocolate, buttery walnut, vanilla, caramel

Details: White wax; 2.7 oz net weight; 8 cubes per tray

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Smells Like a Fancy Coffee Shop

I love the scent of The Smell of Espresso. I bought the wax melts, but I actually haven’t melted any of them yet. They’ve been sitting in an out of the way place in my kitchen, but the whole room smells like a coffee shop. That works for me!

Cheryl Longshore

I’ve been looking for melts with a stronger smell. Here they are! My new favorite. Thank you.

Carol Manship
Smells terrific

The espresso wax melts make my home smell like a coffee shop. The are outstanding

Beth Spiteri
The smell of Espresso Aroma Wax Melts

I purchased one package from a store that was going out of business. I have used almost all kinds of "The Smell Of" wax melts but have not seen the Espresso. I purchased a package. When in use, in the just starting to melt stage, my entire kitchen started to bring forth a wonderful espresso scent. I had several friends come in and immediately asked what that lovely scent was. The scent was also still strong after using for several days in a row. I've used "The Smell of Christmas", The Smell of the tree, The Smell of Pumpkin Spice, The Smell of Spring and on and on. I love anything that is made by Aromatique!

Debbie Berry
5 star

I love these products.