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The Smell Of Christmas - Pinecone Bag

  • $12.00

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The Smell of Christmas Decorative Fragrance is the ideal fragrance in any space. The Pinecone Bag is a new product we are offering for the holiday season! The Smell of Christmas instantly refreshes a room with the captivating fragrance of citrus and spice with a warm blend of natural botanicals.

Directions: Open the bag from the bottom to allow contents to release into the container of your choice. Arrange botanicals to be displayed on the surface as needed.

Fragrance Notes: Clove, Orange, Cinnamon, Spice, Wood.

Details: Use Time: Up to 4 weeks; 9 pinecones per bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jeanne Henson
Wonderful long lasting scent

I always have Aromatique products in my home. The Smell Of Christmas scented pine cones smell wonderful long after the holiday season

Holly Berry
Smell of Christmas pine cone bag

Wonderful fragrance!

JeniJen in Arkansas
Fragrant Pinecones

I Absolutely love them.

Ann Durrance
Christmas in a Bag!

This is a fragrance that brings joy to my mind. Lot's of happy memories that I relive each year when I open a bag of The Smell of Chrismas . My favorite department store sells this each year in their Christmas display. Look forward to going there in December.

Deb S.
How many bags of pinecones can 1 person have???

I am now in the double digits of Smell of Christmas Pinecone Bags and it is only Nov.11th. How many MORE will I purchase...I'll keep you posted.
Merry Christmas!