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Sorbet - Standard Decorative Fragrance

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Sorbet Decorative Fragrance is the ideal fragrance in any space. The Standard Bag is our iconic Decorative Fragrance style. Using coco flowers, palm petals, and arjun pods, this decorative fragrance creates a sophisticated touch to any space. Sorbet fills any space with lemon and lime entwined with peach, melon, and rose.


Directions: Open bag from the bottom to allow contents to release into the container of your choice. Arrange botanicals to be displayed on the surface as needed. *Note: Our decorative fragrance performs better than other potpourris on the market because we utilize highly fragranced wood chips and other carriers that allow our fragrances to stay fresher longer. These types of porous materials also allow the fragrance to be released into the air for maximum strength, leading you to the best experience possible.

Fragrance Notes: Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger, Musk, Floral

Details: use time up to 4 weeks; 7 oz; 5.5"W x 4"D x 7"H

Customer Reviews

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Sandy Woodall
Very disappointed 😞

This may be my 3rd review.
It keeps disappearing. Sorbet is my very favorite & a splurge for me. I ordered 2 bags & one refresher oil. I thought if I ordered directly from the company, it would be very fresh and strong. I set some out the day I got it. I have lost my sense of smell, so I asked my husband (who has a very keen sense of smell). He said he couldn't smell it. Even after I added refresher oil to it! The potpourri in the bag just looks very dry to me. Very disappointed.

Gail Maxwell

i love YOUR COMPANY & aLL THE SCENTS iVE ever PURCJhased thanks

Linda Torrence

I don't think it can compare to the fragrance in the garden

ann simmons

I thought I had responded previously but .. the oil isn't what it used to be. I find myself dropping refresher oils as much as three times a day. Before, I could just do it once. Not sure what the problem is.

Martha Helton
Sorbet smell fresh and clean

I enjoy Sorbet every summer. Make my entire house smell wonderful! Seems like you are using more wood shavings with each order! I miss those beautiful big bows, too.