Peppercorn - Refresher Oil

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Peppercorn Refresher Oil is designed to refresh your Decorative Fragrance year round. The highly concentrated oil quickly absorbs into the wood chips and fills any space with rich, deep notes of gingerbread and spices, sweetend by vanilla.


Directions: Apply oil to Decorative Fragrance. Allow oil to absorb into wood chips for fragrance to rejuvenate.

Fragrance Notes:

Details: We recommend using between 20 drops to half of the container depending on fragrance level preference; .5 fl oz.

Customer Reviews

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I love this smell! One of my top five faves in he while world! Please bring back the potpourri!

Treasia Bouton
Peppercorn fragrance

I have rediscovered Peppercorn fragrance! This scent is part of the reason of why I purchase a home! I LOVE it so very much! I would put the Peppercorn Potpourri in a small crockpot with a bottle of the Peppercorn oil. Everyone would comment how beautiful our home smelled! I would stock up on the items and use it year round. I was so elated to see on your website that the oil and candle were available. Please bring back the Peppercorn Potpourri too! When it was discontinued. The Pumpkin Spice was a good second. But, Peppercorn is certainly my all time favorite!

Shannon M.
Peppercorn is the best scent ever made!

Peppercorn is by far the best scent Aromatique ever made. I used it all year round when they made it in the candles and decorative fragrance. Hopefully, one day the company will bring the scent back in all of the product lines that they sell. Everyone that came to my house always wanted to know what it was so they could buy it.

Mary Speers

Lover peppercorn smell. Been using this product for many years.

Jan Spitzenberger
My Forever Favorite Aroma - Peppercorn

I purchased Aromatique's Peppercorn Decorative Fragrance in several bags over 20 years ago. And still I use the same ones. It is my favorite smell. Some people may consider it a fall fragrance, but I love it year round. It's just as good as the first day I got it, I just keep it refreshed with the Peppercorn Refresher Oil and keep it clean. To clean the Decorative Fragrance, I put it in a plastic bag, then I pour some salt over it, maybe a couple of tablespoons. Seal it up with air in it and gently shake it all around in the bag. Give the bag a few more shakes so salt will settle on the bottom. The salt will knock off the dust. Then just take out the potpourri and shake off the bigger pieces with nooks and crannies to make sure the salt is removed. Next put the potpourri in a bag and add refresher oil, seal the bag up, give it another gentle shake and let it sit for about 24 hours or more. Then it is ready to display again. As I stated mine is over 20 years old and still looks as good as the day I got it. I ran into some of our sons high school friends many years after we moved and they said they always remember coming into our house and it always smelling so good. I even had the Peppercorn candles, they used to make a bigger candle, wish they still made it. It was nice whenever the power went out at night, I would light candles and the aroma from the fragrance would sooth away the worries of usually a thunderstorm sitting in the dark. #AROMALOVE