Peppercorn - Aroma Wax Melts

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Peppercorn Wax Melts are part of our Archive collection. These wax melts will fill any space with rich, deep notes of gingerbread and spices, sweetened by vanilla. Aromatique Wax Melts are a set of 8 cubes that contain 100% food-grade paraffin wax and a highly fragrant aroma - no wicks or flames needed.


Directions: To use, simply break off a portion of the wax melt and place in your favorite warming device for a room-filling aroma.

Fragrance Notes: Peppercorn, Ginger, Orange, Nutmeg, Clove, Vanilla, Cherry

Details: White wax; 2.7 oz net weight; 8 cubes per tray

Customer Reviews

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Nelda Garcia

Love this scent why isn’t the potpourri made any more would purchase multiples!

Linda McCaskill
Peppercorn is the best spice scent

For many many years everyone in our family had two fragrances in their home, Peppercorn year round and Smell of Christmas for the Christmas Season. I was speechless which I went to buy my annual supply and it was no longer available! I immediately went online and got on the phone searching for ‘leftovers’ of potpourri and refresher oil, candles, anything I could find. I managed to amass a few items which I used sparingly. I am elated that Aromatique has started re-releasing Peppercorn on a limited basis and hope they will rethink their decision to stop the marketing of ALL the Peppercorn products. My Granddaughter talks about how wonderful Grandma’s house smells and it is thanks to Peppercorn and The Smell of Christmas. I have bought every spice candle and sniffed every bag of potpourri I can find and absolutely nothing else even comes close to Peppercorn!!!!

Karen Brady
Peppercorn Scent

So glad you brought the peppercorn scent back!!!

Sara Marks
wax melts

These melts are great, but I still love the potpourri more. I may have to order some of the refresher oil next!

Reba Claunch

Peppercorn - Aroma Wax Melts