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Cinnamon Cider - Hearth Candle

  • $26.00

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Introducing, the "Hearth Collection", a limited edition release for the holiday season that captures the essence of the English countryside. Our carefully curated fragrances are inspired by the crackling fire and smoldering embers of a hearth, creating a warm and inviting ambiance in any room. Embrace the magic of the holiday season with our unique candle, diffuser & hand soap offerings, that will transport you to a cozy country retreat.

An exquisite blend of cinnamon and spices mixed with apples and a touch of citrus makes Cinnamon Cider® the quintessential fall fragrance. Our candles are all hand-poured in Arkansas. Made with a proprietary wax blend, ethically sourced containers, and cotton wicks. Light one of these aromatic candles and transport yourself to a memory or emotion.


Directions: Always burn on a heat-resistant surface and trim wick to 1/4" before each use. Allow the wax to pool to the edge each burn for maximum use and to avoid tunneling.

Fragrance Notes: Apple, Pear, Cinnamon, Rose, Tobacco, Cherry Wood

Caramel Wax; Tan Glass 6.5”L x 3”W x 2”H

Customer Reviews

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Beverly Greenhill

What a wonderful aroma. Love the Hearth Candle…would love for it to come in a larger size.

E. R.
Just not the same

It makes me sad to say this about a scent that I have loved and used for at least 25 years but the amount of scent that this candle and the wax melts deliver is barely noticeable . Did you change something in the formulation?? I have noticed a decline in the scent the past few times I've purchased and this was my last attempt. People used to walk in my home and take notice of the wonderful scent . Sorry to say the product is not worth the price anymore.

Patricia Stevenson
Great fall scent!

When burning this candle a guest asked me for a cup of the cider I had on the range- I didn’t have any! The candle smells that good!

Donna Retherford
Loving it

This scent and the smell of Cinnamon Cider and The Smell of Christmas are signs of the seasons for me. I have been using the Aromatique brand for years. I love so many of your products and have enjoyed them all.Thank for continuing to make such excellent products ❤️