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Peppercorn - Aroma Wax Melts

  • $6.50

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Peppercorn Wax Melts are part of our Archive collection. These wax melts will fill any space with rich, deep notes of gingerbread and spices, sweetened by vanilla. Aromatique Wax Melts are a set of 8 cubes that contain 100% food-grade paraffin wax and a highly fragrant aroma - no wicks or flames needed.


Directions: To use, simply break off a portion of the wax melt and place in your favorite warming device for a room-filling aroma.

Fragrance Notes: Peppercorn, Ginger, Orange, Nutmeg, Clove, Vanilla, Cherry

Details: White wax; 2.7 oz net weight; 8 cubes per tray

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Peppercorn = Lovely

I love this scent. I first purchased it many years ago at Dillards. I loved it then and it does not disappoint now!

Jennifer Madison

This is the quintessential fall scent! I would buy this in every form if I could, but thankful I can still get it in wax melts. Would love to see the potpourri and refresher oil again!

Amy Peck

I think this was the potpourri I fell in love with in the late 1980s. I remember the mix has orange slices, apples, pods, spices, and green bay looking leaves. I really wish the potpourri was available. The Peppercorn scent has greater depth than Cinnamon Cider and Smell of Christmas. I miss it!

Most favorite

How I wish the potpourri would come back. This scent is amazing and reminds me of my dear mother and her sister. They loved this scent. Such a warm feeling and I will always remember them when I smell this. At least I can get the wax melts and refresher oil. Thank you for making a wonderful product !!

Todd Waugaman
The absolute best fragrance.

I remember this at Nordstrom years ago almost 20 years ago. I had the potpourri and the room fragrance and still have the spray. I only use it once a year. So glad they brought this back. But I wish they would bring it all back. Peppercorn is the absolute best. I wrote to the company several times to get it back. Glad they did.