The Smell Of Spring Refresher Oil

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Reviewed by rjtjgur@gmail.com
rjtjgur@gmail.com bought "The Smell Of Spring Refresher Oil" on our website
05/15/2019 - 05:52:07 PM
Can't live without this
I've been using Smell of Spring from April-Oct and Smell of Christmas or Cinnamon Cider from Oct- Mar for years. I have potpourri in every room and when I switch it out I place in gallon ziplock bags and throw in 3 bottles of refresher oil so that it's marinating while it's resting. Everyone who walks in my house comments on how wonderful smells. Only caveat with the refresher oil- where gloves when you are opening and pouring- I have acrylic nails and gel polish and it will soften and eat it up!
Reviewed by hoffpauirt@bellsouth.net
hoffpauirt@bellsouth.net bought "The Smell Of Spring Refresher Oil" on our website
04/04/2019 - 02:14:49 AM
Wonderful scent
First came in contact with The Smell of Spring while shopping in the Mall years ago. Have used it ever since because even the men in my home find it pleasant. The refresher oil gives off just the right amount of fragrance to draw attention but doesn't over power. Hyacinth is the main scent and, unlike other scented oils, is exactly like the flower.