Scents That Improve Your Well-Being

Scents vary from delicious and fruity to flowery and more; they can be wonderful or disgusting. They can also improve your overall well-being. The Olfactory System, which connects the nose to the brain, sends messages that help us determine if we like or dislike the smell. Certain scents can drastically help our body. For example, lavender and pine are known as relaxing and calming scents. Lemon, one of the most popular aromatherapy scents, helps reduce stress and has calming properties. Other scents, such as jasmine, help treat a wide range of ailments such as depression and anxiety. Focus enhancing scents, such as peppermint and rosemary, can also help clear the mind. Cinnamon and eucalyptus help improve mental fatigue and boosts memory. Scents can be a wonderful experience all while positively affecting our well-being.

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