Potpourri vs Decorative Fragrance

Potpourri vs. Decorative Fragrance: What's the Difference?
Both traditional potpourri and Decorative Fragrance bring an enticing aroma into your home, but the difference ends there! By changing the form of potpourri to include beautiful botanicals and other visually appealing ingredients, Decorative Fragrance is able to delight more than just the sense of smell.
Traditional potpourri has been around since ancient times. It was used primarily to mask odors and lightly scent a room using natural plant material such as herbs, spices, leaves, and aromatic wood shavings.
Potpourri mixtures were less about the visual aesthetic, and more about the fragrance function. In fact, potpourri was often hidden from sight in fabric bags called sachets that were placed in closets and sock drawers, or enclosed in lidded porcelain containers that were vented to allow the fragrance to slowly release.   
Aroma + Visual Appeal: Decorative Fragrance
Patti Upton dramatically enhanced the concept of potpourri. In the early 80's, she envisioned something entirely different in the realm of potpourri: A fragrant item that also functions as a decorative piece.
While helping a friend decorate her gift shop for the holidays, Patti developed the idea of showcasing her version of "potpourri", which included beautiful botanicals that were artfully arranged in decorative containers and scented with bold, seasonally inspired, fragrances. Her idea of "potpourri" emphasized the decorative aesthetic just as much as the fragrance. As a result, Patti's type of potpourri could be the decorative centerpiece of any room.  
Patti Upton developed the Decorative Fragrance as a way to unite home décor and home fragrance into a single product. At the time potpourri wasn't about aesthetics, it was a way to deodorize closets or drawers. It was meant to be smelled but not seen. Decorative fragrance was designed to look great and add a touch of something to any room you placed it in. The hybrid was a major success and it quickly established itself as the roots of Aromatique.
How Aromatique Built the Decorative Fragrance Industry
The concept of attractive home fragrance was the common theme that drove the company. Patti wanted her product to stand out, so they sourced unique vessels for their candles and kept improving their Decorative Fragrance. Aromatique was one of the first companies to consider the look of an item while still delivering a high-quality fragrance. In doing so, they became the benchmark for the Decorative Fragrance industry. Where potpourri is mostly fragranced wood and dried flowers, Decorative fragrance showcases artfully arranged botanicals and wood curls scented with high end fragrances.
Aromatique's dedication to beauty and quality is illustrated in every product they retail today. Every bag is made and packaged by hand in Heber Springs, AR. The botanicals are sourced both, locally and globally to give our bags a unique and distinctive look. The best fragrance houses are utilized to ensure consumers receive the quality scent they've come to expect. They even use custom cut wood curls, which absorb the scent and act as natural fragrance carriers. All these details are what make Aromatique's Decorative Fragrance a top choice for home fragrance.
An American Success Story
The term decorative fragrance is attributed to Patti Upton and the company she founded in 1983, Aromatique, Inc. The difference between traditional potpourri and decorative fragrance are matters of both degree and purpose, and it was those degrees of difference that gave rise not only to Patti's company, but to an entirely new industry, the Decorative Fragrance Industry.
The story of Patti's Upton's entrepreneurial idea, her first product, The Smell of Christmas®, and her company, Aromatique, received a great deal of national and international attention.  It was well documented in the Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Forbes, London Sunday Express, Inc. Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, and the Washington Post Newspaper. Her idea and the resulting products produced by Aromatique became known as "decorative fragrance", not potpourri, and the popularity of this concept gave rise to the decorative fragrance industry that has flourished ever since.
Today, decorative fragrance is a concept that has evolved into a wide variety of product categories that are produced by thousands of companies and sold worldwide through nearly every gift shop, department store, mass merchandiser, and specialty retailer. The term today not only applies to the higher-end, more decorative version of potpourri that Patti envisioned, but now includes other products like fragranced candles and liquid reed diffusers all poured into an infinite variety of decorative vessels and ornamental bottles, decorative warming appliances that melt and diffuse fragranced wax melts, and trendy mist diffusers.  
The Decorative Fragrance industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry since Patti developed it, and her company, Aromatique, still stakes its claim as the Creator of Decorative Fragrance®.